Machining for the automotive industry

ZEDCE is an expert in the machining, grinding, super-finishing and assembly of parts for the automotive industry. We can help you to produce your machined parts for the automotive sector. Our solutions for injection, turbos, engines, gearboxes or for other specific purposes, are adapted to your needs in the automotive sector.

Manufacturing operations of parts for the automotive industrymachining and grinding of parts for automotive injectors

ZEDCE intervenes throughout the production of your automotive parts, from precision foundry blank to finishing:

  • Machining of bars or slugs
  • Honing
  • Shaping, interior and exterior grinding
  • Polishing
  • Heat treatment

Types of automotive parts

We produce off-plan for the automotive parts, and we can meet your needs for series of 20,000 parts per year to several million parts per year.


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