Machine-tools manufacturer


Mr. Zwallen and Mr. Chretin joined forces, forming the company ZC (ZedCe).
Over a 22-year period, Zedce, located in the Arve valley, the home of the turning industry, produced some 500 turning machines. In 1968, the company stopped selling its machines and turned towards the production manufacturing industry.

1946 – 1968

Finishing by grinding and honing / Super-finishing


At a time when product functions demanded ever-higher standards of precision, ZEDCE specialised and offered a range of services, covering turned, forged and sintered blanks.


From service provider to supplier
Driven by the growth of activities such as turbos or injection, ZEDCE established itself as a genuine partner of car manufacturers and their equipment suppliers. At the same time, ZEDCE took charge of the procurement of the blanks.
As the company grew strongly, it built a high-performance production plant in 1998.
Built surface area: 6,500 m2 / 2,000 m2 extension in 2000

1968 - 1996

Machining / Finishing by Grinding and Honing / Super-finishing


In an effort to broaden its range of services and deliver increasingly complete supplies, ZEDCE developed its machining (2004) and assembly (2005) activities.

2004 – 2008

Machining / Finishing by Grinding and Honing / Super-finishing and Assembly


Creation of ZC PRODUCT in Romania (2008):

Pre-machining of blanks, development of the domestic Romanian market and extension of the range of services for customers.

2008 – 2021


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