Turning of parts used in the textiles industry

ZEDCE supports you, from the design to the production of your parts.

Machining and grinding of parts for the textiles industry

ZEDCE produces machined parts for thetextiles industry from turned blanks. After the turning operations, we also intervene in the grinding of parts, honing and heat treatment.

Grinding includes: bar turning textiles industry

  • interior grinding
  • exterior grinding
  • surface grinding
  • diameter grinding

Production of all types of parts for textiles

The textile industry demands a broad range of machined metal parts. Using our plans, we can make parts, such as:textiles part manufacturer lock key

  • fitted rolling bodies
  • exterior rings
  • support rings
  • bearing rings
  • guide rings
  • rods
  • etc.

These parts can be heat treated.

We have a strong command of warping and can control tolerances to within 3 microns.

Depending on your needs, we can produce from 30,000 to hundreds of millions of parts per year.


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