ZC Groupe - ZDCDE

Our Know-How

Zedce’s experience in machining, finishing, superfinishing and assembly, allows to supply a complete service in an environment which asks for highly precision.


Our material possibilities are completed thanks to the know-how since generations of our employees and suppliers which became partners to optimize the criteria price, quality and delay.

Being autonomous in robotics programming, our staff can find any solution in the fields of our activity, i.ex. automatically loading/unloading, washing, control, special machines…

Our partners supply or do for us:

  • heat – and surface treatment
  • rough parts
  • MIM rough parts
  • Cast rough parts

Of course, our whole industrial environment corresponds to the most demanding requirement of cleanliness.


Our machinery is completed by 20 machines for machining from blank parts up to finished part, starting from bars or slugs, diameter 10 up to Ø 200 mm.

Finishing by grinding & honing

  • 30 machines are available for in-feed grinding, disk wheel grinding, magnetic clamp grinding
  • 70 machines for grinding of internal/external diameters
  • 25 machines for honing of faces or internal diameters
  • Creep-feed grinding

We are at your entire disposal to help you to find solutions and to work out your specification sheets.

Superfinishing with stone- and band tools, polishing and brushing

ZEDCE is equipped with workshops for tribofinishing, polishing, brushing, stone-and band tools. The last ones are often required for parts belonging to hydraulics, turbo or injection activities.

In complementary, ZEDCE disposes of equipments to finalize your products in view of appearance and roughness.


In a totally specific environment- do not hesitate to ask us for further information.|phone +33 4 50 98 05 56|other contacts
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